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The Unintended Consequences series has mystery, suspense, a little romance and a lot of dust and danger. Just like real-life in the outback, really!

The Muster is Book 1,  Book 2, The Pendulum is available on Amazon B06VVG8NMN

now, and Book 3 The Drone (the current work-in-progress) is due for release in August.

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The Pendulum – Bk 2

Could his own daughter Chrissie really be part of the pure evil that seems to be engulfing the family?

A series of wantonly destructive incidents, seemingly related to a group of animal welfare activists, has escalated to frightening levels. Now, Neil is facing the loss of his farm after a break-in that led to the needless death of his valuable stud cattle. The media is hounding him and now his brother Sandy is suggesting Chrissy is somehow involved.
How could he think that was possible?           ASIN: B06VVG8NMN

The Muster – Bk 1

They thought the drought, low prices and the upcoming muster were the only things they needed to worry about… but the election and an unforeseen event will challenge their very existence.           ASIN: B01HELV4PM